Diving Service Ltda. its a group who provide Underwater Operation, equipment and training and other services through its various group companies. The following are the companies involved in the holding:


DS Salvage Ltda., Its a company who provides salvage, specialized diving, inspection and other underwater services. Its principal markets are P&I club, hydroelectric plants, harbors, ship owner and mining companies; also the Army and Navy are very important customers. Since 2004 make a several salvage service working with the world principals salvage companies like Mammoet, Smit, Titan, Resolve Marine and the local Tugs companies at the region like Ultratug, CPT Remolcadores and SAAM, including international services at Ecuador and Peru. Another services branch also includes hydroelectric inspection service in alliance with ASI Group from Canada. In 2014 the revenues was US$ 2.103.975 and has 10 permanent employees and 35 part time employees for projects, mainly divers.


DS Austral Ltda., Its a company who provides ROV inspections services in salmon farming companies in southern Chile. Its main customers are major global salmon farmers which we have been made long-term services contracts who starts at 2013 (Marine Harvest and Cermaq from Norway). In 2014 the revenues was US$ 2.351.422 and has 45 permanent employees and office at Puerto Montt, Chile.

AFIN Capacitación Ltda., Is a company who provides training services and is focus are underwaters operations and ROV operator instruction. Also provide internal training.


DS Equipos Ltda., Its a company that sells, rents and maintains equipment for the maritime industry. Its principal markets are full army forces like Navy, Military, Police and Army. Other markets are Salmon Farmers and his diving teams. The brands represented are Kirby Morgan, XScuba, Broco, Nuvair, Divers Suplly, OTS, Amron, Falmat, Northen Diver, VideoRay and others. In 2014 the revenues was US$ 568.624 and has 4 permanent employees.

DS Transportes Ltda., y DS Cargo Ltda., Are companies who provides vehicles rental and transportation service at the group of companies.


Diving Service Ltda. born providing diving and training services. Its founders are naval engineers, experts in maritime rescue and salvage diving with over 25 years experience in the Chilean Navy and the United States.


The company takes the representation of various brands in Chile and South America to develop the distribution activity.


The first ROV acquired in Hydroacustics Incs., for the rescue, search and rescue services.


Diving Service SA certified ADCI (Association of Diving Contractors International) and sits on the board of Chapter ADC Chile.


Partnership with ASI GROUP (Canada) to deliver hydroelectric services inspections in Chile.


Start services in salmon farming centers using equipment VideoRay ROV (USA) and initiate an exponential growth of these services.


Diving Service Ltda. is split into new companies that make a business group:
DS Salvage
DS Austral
DS Equipos


DS Salvage Ltda., joins to the International Salvage Union (ISU) becoming the first company in Chile diving services belonging to this association.


Being an international industry leader in underwater work.


We are a company that provides services and high quality underwater work, with qualified professionals, technology and stringent safety standards. We are committed to delivering excellent service to the customer and profitable for the company, well done to the first, creating long-term relationships with our customers, suppliers, distributors and partners.


Discipline and Professionalism

We are a team of specialists in what we do, each of us act with initiative and responsibility. Take control in search of the goals and although we can never give excuses or find mistakes guilty.

Leadership and Teamwork.

Organized work in the direction that our leaders. Always seek work in teams, with joy, respect, communication and looking ready to cooperate willingly. Only together we will grow.

Loyalty and Honesty

We will be honest and loyal to the company, with our leaders, our partners, our suppliers and our customers.

Customer service

Our differentiation from the competition is the quality, expertise, effectiveness and efficiency. We deliver the best service and that is why we are a leader in the industry.


Alejandro Peña Z.
Corporate CEO
Naval Mechanical Engineer (Ex Navy)
Dive Master, Commercial and SalvageDiver
ROV Pilot & Technician ADCI
Surface Supplied Air Diving Supervisor
Mix Gas Surface Supplied Supervisor
Kirby Morgan Technician Instructor

Luis Picasso L.
Manager Administration and Corporate Finance
Industrial Civil Engineer
MBA Business Administration
Business Manager
Certified International Business Coach

Marcio Antonio Juanchuto C.
Corporate Business Manager
Marketing Engineer
Business Management
Business Manager
International Certified Business Coach

Santiago Gutierrez R.
DS Equipos Ltda., Manager
Commercial Diver (Ex Navy)
Diving Supervisor and Instructor

Hans Schmitz B
DS Austral Ltda., Manager
Commercial Engineer
Business Manager

Mario Páez
Diving Area Manager
Commercial and Salvage Diver
Diving Supervisor and Instructor
ROV Pilot & Technician ADCI
Surface Supplied Air Diving Supervisor
Mix Gas Surface Supplied Supervisor
Kirby Morgan Technician Instructor

Jaime Elgueta
Robotics Area Manager
Certificate VideoRay ROV Operator and Maintainer
ROV Pilot & Technician ADCI
Commercial Diver

María Angélica Tapia B.
Head of Administration and Corporate Finance
Accountant and Auditor
Valparaiso University Teaching