Asa magazine recognizes Diving Service as one of its most outstanding members

May 10, 2022

There are many challenges that have arisen worldwide in the last two years due to the pandemic, however, Diving Service Salvage has successfully managed to face them. Our strength, efficiency and focus have allowed us to develop quality work over the years, including the last complex period.

Our seal reflects the professionalism of teamwork that meets the demands of these times. That is why this year, at the beginning of 2022, Diving Service Salvage was mentioned and commented on in the American magazine ASA -American Salvage Association-, appearing in the section of its most outstanding members. There, our story is told: what we do and the path we have had to reach what Diving Service is today.

In the Soundings edition, written by the American Salvage Association, our team members and our services are highlighted. “Diving Service routinely offers personalized service packages that include the latest in technological innovation, high quality standards and an unwavering commitment to safety and the environment” (Association, 2021), is part of what they mention about the commitment it maintains the company to give the best quality and confidence to its clients, advising them on the work they do at all times.

The ASA magazine article also explains the differences shown in the different services provided by DSS, separating it into two operating units: Diving Service Hydro and Diving Service Salvage.

Likewise, the article “State of the Salvage Industry” stands out and mentions Juan Pablo Tessada Lüscher and Alejandro Peña Zepeda, both belonging to the DSS company. Juan Pablo Tessada Lüscher addresses an interesting approach to the laws in force in Chile to safeguard the underwater ecosystem. Alejandro Peña Zepeda, for his part, analyzes the influence of COVID-19 on the company and how it has had to adapt its work methodology to the needs that have arisen. This includes coordination of work via digital platforms and in field operations, the development of protection measures for the personnel involved, among others.

The fact that ASA Magazine has mentioned us means great recognition for the company and that is the result of the effort and commitment of great people who share the passion of in-depth work every day.

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