Contaminated Water Diving – Diving in Tailings

According to the US Navy Guidance for Diving in Contaminated Waters (CWD), “contaminated water is defined as water which contains any chemical, biological, or radioactive substance which poses a chronic or acute health risk to exposed personnel”. Depending on the...

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Goodbye 2020, welcome 2021!

This year that ends despite having been very complex and different from all the previous ones, with great challenges that we had to overcome together as humanity, we give thanks for reaching 2021, we are convinced that this new year will come loaded with...

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What are remotely operated vehicles (ROVs)?

Underwater robots, especially remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), according to the US Navy's UUV Master Plan, are defined as "a self-propelled submersible whose operation is fully autonomous (with pre-programmed or real-time adaptive mission control) or under...

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Repair and reinforcement of hull M/V Coyhaique

During the months of July, August, and September, the installation of steel plates was carried out in the damages in the flat bottom, caused by the accident when the Coyhaique motor ship touched bottom. Once completed, it will allow the vessel to safely navigate to...

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