Diving Service: a leading company that guarantees safety, protection and quality in all its work

November 04, 2021

Submarine services, salvage and ships refloating, naval engineering, ROV operations, among other things, are carried out with the highest safety, protection and quality level.

Diving Service, a company that performs different types of underwater operations, was born in 2004 as a group specialized in providing commercial diving, maritime salvage and ROV inspection services. It grew over the years, achieving new contracts in different parts of the country, obtaining certifications, allying itself with large institutions such as ASI Marine and even creating new specialized divisions such as what is now Salvage and Hydro.

Due to the fact that this world requires rigorous care given the complexity of the work that this matter brings, Diving Service has focused on guaranteeing the care and protection of all those involved, ensuring the safety and fulfillment of the work in a timely manner.

Thus, the importance of safeguarding the workers and also the environment -who are those involved- means that demanding measures must be applied to carry out the different tasks in each of the Diving Service divisions -Hydro and Salvage-. In relation to this, the company is not far behind, and has been characterized by having high standard policies to support security, protection and quality of service.


To ensure the above, Diving Service has the support of 3 ISO regulations -International Organization for Standardization- which contribute to the development, production and supply of goods and services being more efficient, safe and transparent.

First of all, it has the number 9,001. It is the most recognized international standard for implementing a quality management system (QMS) in public and private companies. This guarantees that Diving Service is capable of supplying a product or service in a coherent and consistent manner, always satisfying the needs of its clients without forgetting to comply with the regulations in this regard. Today, it is one of the main requirements when choosing a provider in any matter.

Second, it has the number 14,001. This provides the different organizations with the possibility of establishing an Environmental Management System that demonstrates a valid environmental performance, that is, that guarantees the protection of the environment. This requires the company to have policies, objectives, procedures, responsibilities that seek not to harm the context in which they are immersed, in this case, fresh or salt water. Diving Service, “(…) promotes and supports initiatives and actions to protect the environment and prevent pollution in our work”, is what the group expresses in a statement. Thus, they are based on sustainable development and constantly seek excellence and innovation in environmental management.

In third place, it has number 45,001. This is the international standard for occupational health and safety management systems, designed to protect workers from accidents and illnesses. She sets the background for continual improvement in health and safety management. “(…) all incidents are avoidable,” explains Alejandro Peña Zepeda, General Manager of Diving Service, who assures that with an early identification of dangers and an evaluation and management of actions, the risks associated with safety in this area will be reduced. matter. Thus, the company is committed to providing safe working conditions, in addition to promoting participation, interaction, collaboration and dialogue among all those involved.


On the other hand, Diving Service has the support of two large organizations, ASA -American Salvage Association- and ADCI -Association of Diving Contractors International-, the latter referring to the one that gives certain recommendations to carry out salvage tasks successfully. Both institutions give Diving Service the recognition and support that the work done and to be done will be done in a safe, effective and responsible manner.

This is how the leading company in underwater operations, which works nationally and internationally, has more than 15 years of experience with a focus on commitment to its workers, the environment and the quality of its services. Through its divisions, Hydro; that uses remotely operated vehicles (ROV) for submersion in difficult-to-access flooded areas and structures or from boats and Salvage; the one that supports the shipping, port and mining industries, among others, through commercial diving or maritime salvage services, has carried out multiple operations always taking into account that the risk to people and the environment exists, but can be avoided. Moreover, at Hydro, we work together with ASI Marine, a world leader in this field, who is in charge of enhancing Diving Service capabilities. Thus, in alliance with them and based on all of the above, they have shown that the underwater trade can be carried out without causing a negative impact on those involved.


In relation to the most current works of the company, there are:

GNL and AES maintenance contract: Both consist of having a team of divers that are constantly carrying out maintenance or repair operations on the respective docks of the Port of Quintero. Among these are the measurement of thickness of the piles, the replacement of sacrificial anodes, cathodic protection, among others.

Recovery of the FWN Ranger anchor. It consisted of recovering the object that was lost after being cut by maneuvers in the port. The operation was carried out using the ROV Falcon, where the work team was in charge of threading the anchor passing a rope so that it could be changed for one that would support the hoisting of the chain.


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