Diving Service obtains KM qualification DSI dealer maintenance and repair technician

December 14, 2021

Two collaborators were trained at DiveLab, located in Florida, USA.

One of the challenges that Diving Service -DS- has set itself is to seek quality and constant improvement in all the services it offers. For this reason, it has made alliances with different international companies in the field to increase its standards and thus transmit the experience to its clients. One of them is Kirby Morgan, where DS is an active Dealer Technician of this group, one of the most important in the commercial diving industry and which was formed in 1966 with the intention of changing the face of this matter forever. In short, DS is the official distributor for Chile of the brand.

It is in this context that two Diving Service instructors took a training course for the repair and maintenance of Kirby Morgan equipment: Kirby Morgan Maintenance and Repair Technician, which was given by DiveLab from November 15 of this year to November 19. month.

DiveLab is an international group from Panama City, United States, whose objective is the testing and certification of equipment manufactured by Kirby Morgan. Its main purpose, as explained on its website, is to perform state-of-the-art tests to “test Kirby Morgan Diving Systems International (KM DSI) brand surface-supplied diving helmets, face masks and air-supplied consoles. In addition, they are the only official training center for KM DSI dealer repair and maintenance technicians worldwide.

By obtaining this certification, DS is authorized to carry out maintenance and repair of all Kirby Morgan equipment and systems, in addition to being able to provide training to technicians who carry out the maintenance of the equipment belonging to the companies in which they work.

This is how a series of courses have been scheduled, which will be given at the Diving Service offices by instructors Juan Pablo Tessada Lüscher, Naval Electrical Engineer, former Navy Officer, Salvage Diver and Diving Instructor, and Mario Páez, commercial diving supervisor with vast experience in operation and maintenance of Kirby Morgan equipment. This training will be carried out in three groups, the first being the week of November 29 to December 1 and can be accessed by all those who have a commercial diving license or those maintainers related to the industry.

The next course will be held on January 10, 11 and 12. In order to register, it can be done through the website or directly to the email: tomas.hurtado@divingservice.cl. If you are part of a company or want a personalized course, you can request it to the same email.

Why is this important?

Being a Kirby Morgan dealer makes Diving Service recognized by this company which, as explained on its website, “has become synonymous with quality and cutting-edge design throughout the world” and its commitment to this matter is a constant. And, in addition, this shows that the Chilean group seeks to train and perfect itself under the highest standards, all to provide an excellent quality service.


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